TEMP2OTM Technology

Take the
Guesswork out.

You can't predict what they'll get into out there, but you can in here with Temp2OTM Technology.

Take comfort in Temp2OTM Technology.

Every Delta Handshower, Showerhead, and Tub and Shower fixture with Temp2OTM Techology helps prevent water temperature surprises. An easy-to-read LED digital display and background color indicator make it clear when the water temperature is safe for you and your family.


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temp2OTM Technology.

The integrated digital display shows the water temperature o(in degrees) and as the water temperature rises, the color of the display changes from blue to magenta to red for another easy, visual indication of the water temperature.

Temp2O Product Reviews

  • Nice addition to our bathroom

    “This isn’t my first shower head from Delta but the first one I liked the most. It in fact exceeds the performance compared to some of the pricy shower heads I have used before.
    Installation took less than 5 minutes with no experience, tools or Teflon tape required. I have always experienced shower head leakage without the Teflon but this had no water dripping what so ever.
    The pressure is decent and the temperature display looks very cool. From showerhead to handheld, the transition is effort less. It got 6 different modes covering everybody’s shower spray preference in the family.
    We love it.”

    By Aayan - July 27, 2014

    Source: Home Depot

  • Great new idea and works great.

    “What a great idea and works fantastic. It was very easy to install The Temp2O Pixa tm showerhead by Delta. I have trusted and use their various products for many many years. This Digital Temperature Display showerhead replaces my old Delta that I got at Home Depot about 8 years ago which did also hold up for many years but due to the hard water and harsh mineral in my area these type of items need to be replaced every so often due to the buiildup of minerals etc. The wife also likes this new showerhead as it is much easier to adjust the six spray variation and of course the colored display of water temperature coming out of it. And it saves water unlike just a standard showerhead. Thank you again Home Depot for another great product which went into immediate use and will give me many years of enjoyment in the future I am sure.”

    By Jimbo - July 24, 2014

    Source: Home Depot

  • Now I Know

    “We all know what feels right on our own skin, but now there is a number to go with it. The number for me is 100. A little higher than body temp, and lower than hot tub.
    The installation could not have been easier. The old sprayer came off. Then I screwed on the bracket with the gasket in place. Next the sprayer hose with gasket and the other end to the sprayer head with gasket. All with only hand tightening. No tools. A button near sprayer changes setting easily.”

    By HGTVFAN - July 24, 2014

    Source: Home Depot

  • innovative

    “Easily replaced an older shower head. This one is large (about 5" diagonally), with good water pressure. The digital temperature display shows the exact number temperature, and the LED colors change from blue to magenta to red. It has six settings with an easy to change handle. . Really cool shower head.”

    By LindaPB - July 24, 2014

    Source: Home Depot

  • Nice Handshower with Fun Feature

    “This handshower was a cinch to install, it took about 20 seconds to twist it on. You don't even need any tools since the directions advise against tightening with a wrench. The different water spray settings are nice and range from a more forceful spray to a gentle spray. The temperature feature is fun. I'm not sure that as an adult I really need it since obviously I can feel the temperature and determine what I like. However, I have this handshower in my kids' bathroom and it's perfect for them! Sometimes I can be rinsing their hair in the bath and it'll get a little too warm or cold but I won't realize it until they protest. However, now I can keep an eye on the temperature and I now know they love it at 105 or 106 degrees :) From the back which is the view I see while rinsing them off the numbers read backwards, but that is not a problem. If you were standing under it to shower it would read properly. The kids get a kick out of the different colors it changes as the water heats or cools”

    By Sarah - July 25, 2014

    Source: Home Depot

  • A magical showerhead

    “Great shower head. 6 different spray options are very convenient and helpful. I installed it myself in 10 minutes and I am not a handyman. The temperature display is simply magical and our grandchildren just love it. They want to take a shower all the time.”

    By RLO1951 - July 24, 2014

    Source: Home Depot

Assure greater water
temperature control
in the shower and bath.

Delta offers Temp2OTM Technology with many of our most popular design styles. Download our Custom Shower Guide or simply explore our entire line of Temp2OTM product online.