How we make Brilliance®

Brilliance® finishes

The revolutionary Delta® Brilliance® finish is made possible by a revolutionary process. The Brilliance process and finish are proprietary to Delta Faucet Company and are protected by more than 20 U.S. patents. To you that means an extraordinary finish that holds up beautifully to everyday use. No tarnishing, no discoloring and no worries! Take a look at the steps in manufacturing our exclusive Brilliance finish:

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The Chamber

The Brilliance® process takes place in a chamber designed exclusively for Delta®. The chamber is comprised of four key pieces of equipment:

A vacuum pump creates a strictly controlled environment to ensure a flawless finish, free of imperfections.

A tank emits several types of gases critical for the durability and beauty of Brilliance.

A target rod provides Brilliance with much of its resistance to corrosion.

Custom racks hold faucet parts to guarantee that the assembled faucet has a uniform coating of Brilliance and can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Now that we've seen where the Brilliance process occurs, let's take a look at the Target and find out why it's so important to the finish's durability.

The Target

The target is made of zirconium - one of the world's most corrosion-resistant materials. An electric arc heats the target to vaporize the zirconium.

The spiral coil around the target steers the electric arc up and down the target in order to evenly distribute the zirconium on the faucet parts.


Brilliance® will not corrode, tarnish or discolor. Tested against more than 100 household cleaners, you can use almost anything to clean it. Brilliance will even withstand prolonged exposure to hard water or sea air.

From here, we'll move on to the Process to see exactly what goes into the creation of this revolutionary anti-tarnish finish.

The Process

The target material is heated, vaporized and travels toward the faucet parts at an extremely high speed. The target material strikes the surface of the faucet and reacts with a special mixture of gases. One of the gases, nitrogen, gives Brilliance® its rich color. Another special gas dramatically increases its resistance against corrosion, tarnish and discoloration.

The amount of each gas and the timing of their introduction to the target material is proprietary to the Brilliance process.

As the target material combines with the gases, it embeds into the faucet part, creating a bond that's virtually indestructible.


Brilliance is abrasion-resistant and can even withstand repeated scouring with steel wool.

The entire Brilliance process takes only 60 minutes - a short time to create a finish that will last a lifetime.

Finally, the End Result. Let's see why Brilliance is better than traditional finishes.

The End Result

Upon hitting the faucet surface at such high speed, the Brilliance® molecules become so tightly packed that they absorb and/or reflect light to take on tones and colors of a room's decor.

Brilliance molecules embed deep into the faucet's surface, creating a bond that's virtually indestructible.


Brilliance is guaranteed to resist abrasion for life. It will retain an "out-of-the-box" appearance through years of everyday use, cleaning and scouring - even in high traffic areas like the kitchen.

Now that we've seen how Brilliance is made, let's go back and explore countless other reasons why you should choose Delta®.