Universal Design in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Delta is committed to helping people use water in smarter ways. Part of being smart about water in our homes is learning how to deliver it to our families and guests in ways that are safer and more accessible to all. Delta is at the intersection of water and Universal Design.

What is Universal Design?

Universal Design is a principle that ensures access for anyone, regardless of age or ability. It incorporates ADA guidelines with aesthetic values for accessible living spaces that are stylish and far from institutional.

Many elements of universal design are so practical they have become common features in modern homes. For example, wide doorways and open floor plans primarily were intended to allow for wheelchair access. But beyond that accessibility concern, they have grown popular with modern families who want to multi-task while retaining a sense of togetherness.

Accessibility is a consideration throughout the home, but the two spaces that present the most challenges are also the two spaces where we use water the most: the kitchen and the bathroom.

Delta Faucet offers universal solutions throughout the kitchen and bathroom.
Universal Design in the Kitchen
Delta Faucet improves bath safety and reduces the impact of physical challenges in the kitchen.

Universal kitchen design considerations include relocating microwaves and dishwashers, moving storage from high cabinets to islands, and installing non-skid flooring. But one of the main challenges in the kitchen is using a faucet for everyday cooking and cleaning.

Loss of muscle tone, limited reach and joint deterioration can make it difficult to operate a faucet or fill a pot with water. So Delta offers a range of faucet options for smarter water usage in the kitchen. Installing a pull-out or pull-down faucet, for example, makes it easier to fill a heavy vase or pot without lifting it in and out of the sink. Single-handle faucets can be easier for those with limited reach to control water volume and temperature. For someone with arthritis or similar lack of dexterity, our Touch 20® Technology grants hands-free access, allowing the faucet to be turned on or off with just a tap of the fingers or wrist.

Universal Design in the Bathroom

The same faucet operation challenges apply in the bathroom, where the choice of faucet can make all the difference. Beyond the sink, bathing presents an even greater challenge.

Accessible bathing starts with grab bars. Traditional tubs and showers can be retrofitted with hand showers and flip-up seats that grant greater control and security.

Accessible kitchens and bathrooms are vital for retirees intending to "age in place" and households with physically-challenged family members. But because Universal Design provides access for people of all ages and abilities, attention to these considerations can make all of our homes smarter, safer and more welcoming.

Delta Faucet improves bath safety and reduces the impact of physical challenges in the bathroom.