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Primer, Paint & Stainblocker - Kilz Paint

Melvin Caldwell, the founder of what would one day become Masterchem Industries LLC, introduced the KILZ brand and its first primer product at the National Paint Show in 1974. The company’s "Masterchem" name was created to promote the flagship line of KILZ primers nationally. Soon afterward, other specialty primers were added to the line to better assist Pro and DIY consumers with painting prep work for home painting projects.

While the name KILZ is primarily known in the realm of primers, sealers and stainblockers, the brand encompasses much more. Masterchem has a tradition of building premium-caliber primer and paint products to help ensure that pros and do-it-yourselfers alike will achieve beautiful and durable results. In addition to our KILZ brand latex primers and oil based primers, Masterchem offers several other high-quality product lines including KILZ specialty paints (ceiling paints, barn paint and masonry waterproofing paint); KILZ® Casual Colors® one coat paints; KILZ Pro-X™ and KILZ® CoverPro® pro paint lines; Hammerite® Rust Cap® rust preventive coatings and more. So take a look and discover all that Masterchem has to offer.

Masterchem became part of Masco Corporation in 2000.

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