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Hot Spring® Spas is the world’s leading maker of hot tubs, which for more than 30 years has been providing consumers with the absolute best hot tub ownership experience. Founded in 1977, Hot Spring® Spas delivers innovative products that offer cutting-edge design, patented technology, high-quality materials, energy efficiency, and unparalleled ownership benefits. Hot Spring® Spas is part of Masco Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, whose products include trusted brands such as Delta® faucets, KraftMaid® cabinets and Behr® paints.

Through advanced engineering and innovation, Hot Spring® Spas is committed to continuously developing new technologies and products that provide the highest quality, energy efficiency and ownership enjoyment for the ultimate peace of mind. Most recently, Hot Spring® Spas introduced its new ACE™ salt water sanitizing system, which is revolutionizing hot tub water care to provide a virtually maintenance-free ownership experience. The new ACE system is the first and only fully integrated salt water sanitizing system using diamond technology to provide softer, cleaner water that looks, feels and smells great, and can reduce water maintenance from daily to once per month.

A member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Hot Spring® Spas incorporates environmental responsibility in its product design, engineering and manufacturing practices. This includes designing water care systems that decrease the need for hot tub chemicals thus reducing the need to change the hot tub water as often, using recycled materials in its hot tub designs, and making green initiatives an integral part of its long-term strategy.

Hot Spring® Spas is the only hot tub manufacturer to have one of its spas named a Best Buy each of the six times Consumers Digest has rated spas, most recently the Aria™ spa. Hot Spring® spas are the only spas with NSF P181 certification, meaning they have met comprehensive standards for overall safety and performance of the entire spa – not just certain parts. Moreover, Hot Spring® quality systems are certified by Lloyd’s Register to be in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, the highest international standard for design and manufacturing excellence.

With more than 850,000 owners experiencing ultimate relaxation, a Hot Spring® spa is the spa of choice in all 50 states, Canada and more than 65 other countries. Hot Spring® spas, and its sister brands Limelight® hot tubs and Hot Spot® spas, are sold by the world’s best independent hot tub dealers at more than 800 locations worldwide. Dealer locations can be found online at