General Faucet Installation Instructions

So, you've selected or purchased the perfect new Delta® faucet for your home… now what do you do?

Do you plan to install the faucet yourself, or would you rather rely upon the services of a professional plumber?

For expert faucet installation, you should contact a licensed professional plumbing contractor in your area.

However, if you're ready and eager to install your own faucet, Delta offers these helpful hints. If you have not done this before, we suggest that you read the general faucet installation tips below. For instructions on installing your specific faucet, please follow the Maintenance and Installation instructions that were provided with your faucet.

Items You'll Need for Installation:

  • Basin wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Silicone sealant — Plumber's Putty is not generally recommended
  • Plumber tape
  • Channel locks
  • Screwdriver (Phillips and slotted)
  • Flashlight

Other Tools That May Come In Handy:

  • Tube cutter
  • Sandpaper (fine grade)
  • Tape measure

Step 1: Position the Faucet

  • Begin installing your faucet by placing the gasket and faucet in position on the sink. (Diagram A)
  • From under the sink, thread the plastic mounting nuts onto the faucet shanks. Be sure the large side of each plastic mounting nut is up. (Diagram B)
  • From the top of the sink, check the faucet and gasket position. (Diagram C)
  • From under the sink tighten the mounting nuts, making certain not to over-tighten which could damage the nuts and make them difficult to remove in the future. (Diagram D)

Step 2: Attach the Water Supply Tubes

  • Water is typically supplied to the faucet through water-supply tubes.
  • Wrap the threads of the water-supply valve with plumber tape. Although most plumbers use only plumber tape, some plumbing supply manufacturers also recommend using plumber's putty. (Diagram A)
  • Thread the water supply nut onto the shut-off valve. Tighten the nut with a wrench. (Diagram B)
  • Wrap the threads on the faucet shank with plumber tape, and then thread the water supply nut onto the faucet shank. (Diagram C)
  • Tighten the nut with a basin wrench. (Diagram D)

Step 3: Connect the Faucet Lift Rod

  • From the top of the sink, insert the lift-rod into the faucet. (Diagram A)
  • From under the sink, make sure the pivot-rod is in the down position. Insert the lift-rod into the lift-rod strap. Tighten the screw.
  • From the top of the sink, make sure the lift-rod opens and closes the drain plug as desired. (Diagram B)
  • Make any needed adjustments by loosening the lift-rod strap screw and repositioning the lift-rod.
  • If you need to connect the lift-rod strap to the pivot rod, slide one end of the spring clip onto the pivot-rod.
  • Make sure that both the pivot -rod and the lift-rod are in the down posittion. Insert the pivot-rod in the closest hole in the lift-rod strap.
  • Slide the other end of the pivot-rod. Make sure the lift-rod opens and closes the drain plug as desired.
  • Make minor adjustments by loosening the lift-rod strap screw and repositioning the lift-rod. (Diagram C)
  • Make major adjustments by removing the spring clip and moving the pivot-rod to a different hole in the lift-rod strap.

Step 4: Flush the Faucet

  • Anytime you work on plumbing, filings, chips, and other debris can fall into the plumbing pipes.
  • This debris can damage the sealing surfaces inside the faucet and cause leaks.
  • Remove aerator and black sealing gasket above it.
  • Before turning on the water supply, make sure the faucet handles are open (on position) in order to remove the debris without causing damage. (Diagram A)
  • Open both water supply valves under the sink. (Diagram B)
  • Allow the water to run for 15 seconds. (Diagram C)
  • Close the faucet handles (turn off).
  • Make sure any debris is cleaned from the aerator screen. (Diagram D)
  • Replace the aerator. (Diagram E)

Getting a copy of your instructions

If you need a Installation Instructions / Owner's Manual for your faucet, enter your model number under Find Support Information. Choose your faucet from the search results and select the Installation Instructions / Owner's Manual link to view the installation sheet.

Assistance is available

If you need help while installing your Delta faucet, there are two help options available:

  • Call us at 1‑800‑345‑DELTA (3358), Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.(CST)
  • E-mail us any time — Responses are usually provided within 24 hours.