Why Buy Delta?

Delta Faucet Company was founded in Greensburg, Indiana in 1954 and calls Indianapolis home for its global headquarters, featuring state of the art engineering and technology facilities and an award winning product design team responsible for designing our vast and dynamic product offering.

As America's Faucet Innovation Leader, we are at the cutting edge of product innovation. But we've been there for 50 years now, so we know exactly what it takes to stay there. Delta faucets offer abundant replacement parts, a comprehensive warranty, and confidence earned through a punishing regimen of durability testing. Handles are turned on and off 500,000 times to ensure leak-proof performance for years. And before it leaves the plant, every faucet undergoes more than 100 hand inspections, including air and water testing.

To the customer, it can seem like each Delta faucet was made with them in mind. We listen closely to what consumers want and need, invest in extensive research and design, and apply smart technological solutions that really do make our customers' lives easier. We are at the cutting edge of product innovation. But we've been there for 50 years now, so we know exactly what it takes to stay there.

Our History of Innovation

Delta has made its name with a solid history of technological innovations. Click on an item in the timeline to learn more.

  1. 1954

    • Delta Ball Valve

      Alex Manoogian develops the first successful washerless ball valve faucet, and calls it the Delta faucet after the shape of the internal cam, which resembles the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet: delta. It is the first single-handle kitchen faucet design.

    • Delta Faucet Company Is Founded

      Alex Manoogian moves his growing faucet business to Greensburg, Indiana, and launches what will become known as the Delta Faucet Company.

  2. 1960

    • Expansion to Bath Faucets

      Delta expands their single-handle washerless line beyond kitchens, to lavatory and tub/shower faucets. These products are sold based on their uniqueness, quality and convenience.

  3. 1970

    • Two-Handle Washerless Faucet

      Delta introduces two-handle washerless faucets, combining the washer-free convenience of the Delta faucet with the more traditional two-handle design.

    • Affordable Decorative Faucet

      Delta is the first manufacturer to develop the concept of affordable decorative faucets by adding a high-arc spout. Additional decorative features include texture and a special antique brass finish.

    • Innovative Advertising

      In a bold move, Delta becomes the first faucet manufacturer to advertise to plumbers and consumers on TV and in print.

  4. 1980

    • Pull-Out Spray Head

      Delta introduces the Signature® line, the first domestically produced faucet with a pull-out spray head.

  5. 1990

    • ScaldGuard® Technology

      Delta introduces the Monitor® pressure balance system for the tub/shower category. When pressure changes, as when a toilet is flushed, the Delta Monitor system compensates for the altered pressure, helping to avoid sudden shower temperature changes, and earning the technology its name, ScaldGuard®.

      Learn more about Monitor / ScaldGuard

  6. 1992

    • Canadian Plant Opens

      To support growth in commercial markets, Delta completes the purchase of a Canadian operation in London, Ontario. This is the first Delta manufacturing plant outside of the United States.

  7. 1995

    • Jackson, Tennessee Plant Opens

      Domestic and international growth leads to the opening of still another plant - this time in Jackson, Tennessee.

  8. 1996

    • Brilliance® Anti-Tarnish Finish

      Delta introduces the industry's first-ever use of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), a patented process that embeds Brilliance molecules deep into the surface of fixtures and ensures a durable, resilient shine.

      Learn more about Brilliance

  9. 2001

    • Jetted Shower™

      Revolutionizing bath technology, Delta introduces a new category of shower products with its Monitor® 1800 Series Jetted Shower. This next-generation shower features two jet modules that provide an enhanced shower experience, plus an innovative valve design allowing for easy installation.

    • e-Flow™ Faucet

      Delta introduces the industry's first hands-free electronic faucet designed specifically for residential applications. Combining form and function with sleek design, the e-Flow™ faucet features above-counter temperature control and convenient hands-free activation, perfect for use throughout the home.

    • Quick Snap®

      Delta unveils its patented Quick Snap® technology, which simplifies and speeds installation, no tools required. For two handle models, Delta's proprietary self-locating, "no adjust" handle bases adjust to the correct height every time, eliminating any guesswork.

  10. 2004

    • Integrated Pivoting Aerator

      Delta introduces the first design-integrated pivoting aerator in the Michael Graves Collection™ kitchen collection.

  11. 2005

    • H2Okinetic Technology®

      Delta introduces H2Okinetic Technology®, offering bathers a warmer, fuller sensation in the shower while using less water than conventional fixtures.

      Learn more about H2Okinetic Technology®

    • MultiChoice® Universal Valve

      Delta introduces the MultiChoice® Universal Valve, allowing users to change the outward appearance, style and function of fixtures without altering the plumbing behind the wall.

      Learn more about the MultiChoice® Universal Valve

  12. 2008

    • MagnaTite® Docking

      Delta introduces its exclusive MagnaTite® Docking, which engages the wand to its docked position, keeping it securely in place.

      Learn more about MagnaTite Docking

    • DIAMOND™ Seal Technology

      Delta introduces a patented new water delivery system, DIAMOND™ Seal Technology, which provides guaranteed protection from leaks and drips. This system reduces the number of potential leak points, simplifies installation, and provides long lasting performance. Comprised of a next generation DIAMOND Valve and one-piece InnoFlex® waterways, the system ensures that once inside the faucet, water is not in contact with potential metal contaminants. Faucets with DIAMOND Seal Technology meet current state specific and upcoming national legislation mandating that the weighted average lead content in pipes, fittings and fixtures used to convey drinking water cannot exceed 0.25% on wetted surfaces.

      Learn more about DIAMOND Seal Technology

    • Touch2O® Technology

      Delta introduces Touch2O® Technology, an intuitive technology that enables you to turn the faucet on and off with just a touch - anywhere on the faucet's body or handle.

      Learn more about Touch2O Technology