Smart Match by Delta

Form + Function

Whether you prefer to stand under a rainfall of warm water or be surrounded by perfectly positioned sprays, you’re sure to find the right shower experience with Delta® With virtually endless configurations of showerheads and handshowers, the only thing missing from your dream shower is you.


Tetra + Centra Collections

Tetra™ Showerheads

Centra Showerheads

  H2Okinetic® Showerheads Raincan Showerheads H2Okinetic Showerheads Raincan Showerheads
Large More than 10" (254 mm) ISH1107 ISH1107 ISH1108 ISH1108 ISH1109 ISH1109 ISH1110 ISH1110
Medium 6"-10" (152-254 mm) RP70171 RP70171 ISH11008 ISH11008 ISH11006 ISH11006
RP61274 RP61274 RP70175 RP70175
RP70173 RP70173 RP61265 RP61265 RP70172 RP70172
ISH11002 ISH11002 ISH11003 ISH11003
ISH11004 ISH11004 ISH11007 ISH11007
Small Less than 6" (152 mm) RP51032 RP51032
52657 52657 RP54752 RP54752
52660-PK 52660-PK RP46384 RP46384
RP40594 RP40594 RP51305 RP51305
RP42578 RP42578 ISH11009 ISH11009 ISH1111 ISH1111


Tetra + Centra Collections

Tetra™ Handshowers

Centra Handshowers


  H2Okinetic® Handshowers Handshowers H2Okinetic Handshowers Handshowers Two-In-One Shower
Large More than 4.7" (120 mm) S661 S661 S665 S665 58472 H2okinetic Shower 58472 H2okinetic Shower
Medium 3.5"-4.7" (89-120 mm) 55445 55445
S660 S660 S662 S662
S663 S663 S664 S664
58471-PK H2okinetic Shower 58471-PK H2okinetic Shower 58470 H2okinetic Shower 58470 H2okinetic Shower
Small Less than 3.5" (89 mm) 55411 55411 55421 55421
S880 S880 57923 57923
55530 55530 55051 55051
55433 55433
S860 S860 59456-PK 59456-PK 55424 55424
55085 55085 S350-CH S350-CH