EZ Anchor™

Install Your Faucet with the Ease of EZ Anchor™

Replacing a faucet has always meant crouching under the sink to secure it. But not anymore. The EZ Anchor™ mounting assembly was designed to create an easier way to install a faucet. Professional plumbers prefer the top mounting assembly to the traditional “under the deck” installation because it eliminates the need to reach up under the sink to tighten the faucet. And eliminating all the up and down work saves time, making installation quicker.

The EZ Anchor™ mounting assembly allows faucets to be installed on up to 2½″ thick decks, combining easy installation with greater design flexibility. And it provides a secure installation that will not loosen over time.

Learn more about the EZ Anchor™ mounting assembly by rolling over the hot spots on the faucet or viewing our frequently asked questions below.

EZ Anchor™ is perfect for any installer who is looking for a secure installation without needing to get on their back in a tight space. The top down mounting assembly makes faucet installation easier on the back and knees because the faucet can be mounted to the deck or sink from above. There’s no need to go under the sink to secure the faucet. And it fastens the faucet tightly to the deck, helping to prevent it from loosening over time.

The EZ Anchor™ mounting assembly comes with the EZ Bar, a custom tool that easily tightens the faucet above the deck. The only other tools needed are a wrench and a cordless or manual screwdriver.

Unlike some faucets, the EZ Anchor™ mounting assembly can be installed on sinks and countertops with decks of a thickness up to 2 ½“. This makes it an excellent choice for granite or quartz countertops, kitchen islands and prep/bar sinks.

It is as simple as removing the spout and turning the spout hub counter-clockwise, and then completely loosening the mounting screws. See the installation video for removal instructions.

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